We are ‘the bloody city’.
March 29, 2020

We are ‘the bloody city’.

Passage: Nahum 3

“Banished from the public means of grace, we are not removed from the grace behind the means of grace. The Lord who places his people where they feel like exiles will himself be with them. He will be to them all that they could have had at home in the place of their sacred assemblies. Take this promise as your own if you are called to wander!

God is to his people a place of refuge. They find sanctuary with him from every adversary. He is their place of worship too. He is with them as he was with Jacob when he slept in the open field and woke, saying, “Surely the LORD is in this place” (Gen. 28:16). To them he will also be a sanctuary of peace, like the Most Holy Place, which was the noiseless abode of the Eternal. They will be kept from fear of evil.

God himself, in Christ Jesus, is the sanctuary of mercy. The ark of the covenant is the Lord Jesus, and Aaron’s rod, the pot of manna, the tables of the law are in Christ our sanctuary. In God we find the shrine of holiness and of communion. What more do we need?

Oh, Lord, fulfill this promise and always be to us like a little sanctuary! - CH Spurgeon

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” The solemn sound of the death knell was ringing out for the people of Nineveh, but they were so caught up with their own lives that they had become deaf to its solemn sound. - John Donne

Nations built upon the foundation of force and fraud are headed for ruin. Man is living in a moral universe. He cannot escape responsibility and accountability.

“Let the peoples of today take a long, steady, thoughtful look at old-time Nineveh. She is one of God’s special object-lessons to all rulers and nations. It is the same God who super-rules the world today. He is not less severe than he was in the Old Testament times, and he is not more compassionate. He is just as uncompromising towards sin, just as compassionate towards the penitent, the same from age to age. The idea that the Gospel of Christ somehow tones down the severity in the divine character is wrong. Certainly, the gospel is the supreme expression of the Divine graciousness; but it does not in the slightest degree modify the inflexible principles of righteousness by which God governs nations. God has always been gracious. God has always been intolerant of wickedness. He is the same today. - J. Sidlow Baxter


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