The DNA Course

Becoming a Member of Live the Life Church

[Membership Covenant in pdf format]

The DNA course is for those who have been coming to Live the Life for six months or more and who feel they would like to become members. The course introduces you to our core doctrinal beliefs and it gives you a chance to ask questions. At the end of the course, you meet up with one of the elders for a personal time to talk one-on-one.

God designed His Church to be the greatest, most glorious and joyful display of Himself in the world today. We the church of Live the Life are on a serious mission to become THIS Church, (this is what it looks like).

Although guests and visitors are always welcome, we believe that God's design is for men and woman to 'join together' around a common goal, to advance His glory in the world. It is not sufficient to simply visit from time to time. It is likewise not sufficient to simply attend a church – that is ‘religion’. You may already be serving and enjoying a measure of community with us but now need to move deeper in your commitment.

Through careful study of the scripture, we believe it is essential to become a member of a local church (Romans 12:4-5). This DNA course is designed to take you from guest or visitor to family member.

We hold membership in high regard and want you to be well-informed of the commitment you are making. The DNA course will tell you about us, our history, our vision, our doctrinal statement and will allow you to meet the leadership and for them to meet you. It will help transform you to accomplish our collective work as members (Eph. 2:10).

In order to sign up for the DNA course, you need to be a regenerate believer who has been baptized and discipled, who regularly attends our main meetings, including a Life Group.

The DNA Process

  • Call the office on 028 312 4284 to sign up.
  • Attend the course. You will be given a DNA booklet for you to reference.
  • You will be given the Membership Covenant and a Questionnaire at the end of the DNA course and will need to work through that.
  • You then need to arrange an interview with one of the Elders, where you can ask any questions and run through the Questionnaire and sign the Membership Covenant.

Marks of a Healthy Local Church

  • Regenerated church membership (born again, new heart, new spirit)
  • Qualified leadership
  • Gathering regularly for preaching and worship
  • Sacraments rightly administered
  • Unified by the spirit
  • Discipline for holiness
  • Obey the great commandment to love
  • Obey the great commission to evangelize and make disciples

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